These are just 3 simple heating solutions to reduce your heating costs and save you a few bob this winter.

Turn your thermostat down

Heating Solution

By turning your thermostat down you can save about 1-3% per degree. This is obviously depending on your house size the efficiency of your heating system and a number of other factors. There is a difference between heating a room to take a chill out and heating a room so you can wear T-shirts and shorts so it is quiet an important tip to keep in mind. There is two advantages to this one being that it keeps your heating bill down but the other is that your helping the environment. So get that feel good factor and turn down your thermostat temperature.

Heating Solution

Get your boiler serviced

In the oil that passes through your boiler and gets burnt there is often little bits of metal and dirt that can get deposited in the burner. It is good to get this cleaned out to increase efficiency as a lot of energy is wasted heating up this dirt instead of burning the oil like it is meant to. A few other good reasons to get your boiler serviced is to reduce carbon monoxide gases which we all know can be fatal. Another great reason is that you will probably avoid a break down which could be a costly fix.It is recommended that you should get boiler service once a year but really you will probably get away with every 2-3 years.

Get a text on unit

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By getting a Text On unit you are in complete control of your heating. Most people have their heating on a timer and do not turn the timer on or off accordingly if their daily time schedule changes. A Text On unit allows you to turn your heating on or off from anywhere in the world, this way  if you decide to change your daily time table all you have to do is press a button on your phone and you are saving money by turning off your heating when nobodies in the house. Likewise for holiday homes a time switch is generally used which comes on every day, with a Text On unit you can have it set to a thermostat mode which only turns the heating on when it temperature drops below a certain degree. This can save hundreds of euros in heating costs for holidays yearly.