During the current cold weather many public halls (church halls, meeting rooms, conference rooms etc) are leaving the heating on even when not in use.  Consider a hall where storage heating is installed and switched on more or less permanently even though it might only be used two or three times a week, maybe only at weekends. Unless someone is responsible for switching the heating on/off  then the likelihood is its left permanently on!!

We have measured the difference in electricity bills for halls where a TEXT ON unit is installed and either run to a defined schedule OR switched on as needed basis to be in the order of 25%.  In one school hall in Co Tipperary the heating bills for the winter  came to €200 per period before installing a Text On unit. With a unit installed they measured a saving of more than €50/billing period or €200 for the year!

With comfort and energy efficiency in mind its worth considering a TEXT ON heating controller for your hall………….