Everyone is always trying to find the simplest ways to heat their house. In fact many people/men will talk for hours over a drink about the most economical and efficient ways of heating solutions and who has the best service provider.

One man in Seattle – Rowan found a way of heating his outdoor office at virtually no cost. Rowan harnessed Mother Nature’s energy by creating a tin can solar panel (homemade). How he did it was well thought out. Rowan collected tin cans and cut a hole in each can. He then glued them together into columns. Then he put each column into a wooden box (8ft X 4ft), flat on the ground. He spray painted the tin cans and wooden box black so that it would absorb more heat from the sun. To stop this hot air from escaping Rowan glued a glass panel onto the front of the box, allowing the sun rays in but not out. Now he had trapped his solar rays and managed to trap as much heat as possible by using aluminium cans and black spray paint.

Rowan then cut two holes in the wooden frame, one at the bottom and one at the top. This allowed cold air to enter in the bottom and hot air out the top. He also used an old computer fan to help drive the air in through the cold vent at the bottom. Now all that is left is to stick it onto the roof and allow the cold air to flow in at ground level. Rowan has found a great heating solution and increased his office temperature by 30%.

Check out the video to see the full story.