Energy efficient wood boilerIn today’s economy money is tight, so it is important to make the most out what you  have. Your heating is one of the energy areas we need to squeeze the very last out of, or use efficiently. Some studies have shown that up to 30% of energy is lost due to poor management . In today`s world this can easily be rectified, being energy efficient is a must.

When we say the words “energy efficient” we don’t mean you have to sit down and write out an action plan as to how you use your energy we mean for you to use common sense.

 Efficient Heating

Leaving your time-clock set for the heating is no longer necessary, Instead of leaving your heating set while you are away on holidays or for the weekend there are a few different options you can choose. Get a neighbour to turn the heating on, install a thermostat so your heating turns on automatically or even better yet you could get a “Text on” unit

How often do we mean to reset the heating time-clock settings but forget to do so


Lighting is something a lot of people ignore when it comes to energy efficiency. A few years back everybody got energy saving bulbs which gave everybody the excuse to leave them on. In rooms that you do not use it might be beneficial to get sensors which will turn off  the light after a certain amount of time.


Energy efficiency is not just about physically using energy it is also about little actions that can save energy. Simply closing the curtains or shutting the door to unoccupied rooms can be energy efficient actions. By Increasing the insulation in your attic or stopping draughts you are slowly getting rid of all the areas in which you can lose heat.

Energy efficient does not cost a fortune .Take a second to think about how you might be wasting energy, think of  one way you can be energy efficient today and another one next week. Before you know it you will giving tips to you friends and family about how they can improve their energy efficiency.