Energy efficient insulationThere are hundreds of ways you can save energy around the house. From being energy efficient and managing your heating and other appliances to updating insulation and stopping draughts. Making your house air tight though is the number one recommendation from EPA (environmental protection agency).

EPA in the USA estimates that between 25% to 30% of your heating escapes through little crevasses all around your house. They reckon that most of the air escapes through the attic, basement and other small gaps.


Don’t worry you won’t have to fork over thousands to an energy efficiency expert or an insulation contractor you can start yourself with “foam in a can”. The same report said that there is a seven year return on just filling the walls in your living room/sitting room with foam and has a return of €100 per year ($150 USD). That is a total saving of €700 considering it will make your life more comfortable as well with all that extra heat in your living room.

Insulation ContractorDo It Yourself

Don’t forget to give the windows a good seal as well with some silicone to make sure your being as energy efficient as possible. Remember that you can do this yourself if you are anyway good at DIY This method is brilliant at keeping the heat in and keeping the cold out.