Trying to find innovative ways of saving money on your heating can be hard to come by. Especially since there is a recession and lets face it a 5 year return on attic insulation just doesn’t cut it. An interesting fact though that might be of interest to you is that you could potentially save up to 30% of your heating bill by finding an efficient heating solution.

Minster for Energy Pat Rabbitte discusses heating solution

Minister for Energy

Energy efficiency can be solved using heating solutions Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte T.D announced on May of this year. He believes that the solution is to improve the thermal efficiency of as many of those homes as possible. Having the right heating solutions is something that can save people hundreds and if they choose the right heating solution they can have a quick return as well.

Efficient Heating Solutions

Efficient heat management is a prime example of a heating solution that could potentially save you hundreds in the first year. Roughly 30% of your heating bill could be saved if you managed your heating system better. That means not forgetting to turn it off before you go away for the weekend or by have a thermostat installed to turn off your heating once the room is a certain temperature.

With today’s technology, efficient heating solutions are very easy to use, don’t require a lot of high tech knowledge and can save you hundreds within your first year. 30% of a yearly heating bill could be easily more than €300 (if you use more that €1,000 worth of oil). So if you want a one year return remember to use 30% (which is what you will save) of your heating bill to buy efficient heating solutions for your home.

Make sure your home is energy efficient.